Remote Input Layer B

Hello everyone Finally! Denon has done it!! What a superb player! I would appreciate some feedback regarding the remote function not working on LAYER B. When initiating playback on Layer A, moving the fader upward starts the track as the remote function should. When moving the fader up for Layer B, the track does not start. I need to push PLAY or CUE. Please forgive me if i have missed the obvious. I am to excited to notice it… Thanking you in advance Sven Mixer -DNX1700 and one SC5000

Since SC5000 only has one remote start output jack on the back it seems you can only use it for one deck/layer.

Ok. It’s a bit of a mixture of Prime and Non-Prime units so, the “jump to” conclusion would be to say “no, it won’t work”

However, the fader start socket on the SC5000 is 3 conductor (stereo, by any other name) so I’ll ask our busy Product Team for their input.

It may still be the case that only Layer A can be triggered via Fader Start, or perhaps even that only the Layer that the deck is currently looking at when the fader is lifted can be fader started - or that some y-adapting lead with 2 x mono 3.5mm jacks on the x1700 side, to a mono or stereo 3.5mm jack on the SC5000 side may be of use. I’ll let you know when I get an answer back from the team.

I understand the logic that both of you have applied. Thank you so much for your time and speedy response. Sven

It did occured to me that might be a option but since it is not advertised that way the simplest answer is almost always the correct one. If somebody from the engineering team wanted to add dual layer remote start they would have added a second input jack on the unit and most importantly, such unusual cable would be suplied with the unit (considering the price).

@Gee_DenonDJ any feedback from the team on this?

I’ll chase again today. There are some incredibly exciting things coming up (and out) for the SC5000 shortly, so everyones hectically busy in the teams.

My own investigations have found that the remote start socket on the SC5000 isn’t just hard wired directly from the socket to the Play button, or anything as basic as that. Instead, the socket passes signals to a Shift Register IC on the PCB and at that point my own chipset knowledge starts to fade.

It may be a case of only Layer A being fader start controllable, or only whichever layer is current (from the Layer button on the front panel of the SC5000) would be triggered by a Y-adaptor lead from the 2 channel starts on the X1700.

I’ll let you know when I get details.

I appreciate this information. Thank you for sharing. Sven

Ok, this has now been clarified.

Obviously, with an X1800 Prime mixer in the system, all the Fader Start and Crossfader start signals for all layers on all decks (potentially 8 starts) are all handled by the Engine Connect networking protocol and network cables.

Mixers without Engine Connect, using the 3.5mm “Remote Start” jack on the SC5000, will only be able to control Layer A. This is defined by the hardware, rather than firmware.

I think it’s great that you have taken the time to investigate my question and your response should be a advert for the X1800 mixer. After watching several videos I wondered how and why I couldn’t trigger fader start on Layer B. Now I know why, and I thank you again for the education. But I have another dilemma… I luuuuuurrve my X1700… and it’s hard to part with, financially and emotionally. :see_no_evil: Like I said, you answer is a advert for the X1800 and makes it more abundantly clear why the mixer is the heart of the PRIME system.

Oh yes… I know that feeling too. The X1700 has been in my flight case/console for a number of years now and it is by far, much more musical and more feature laden than most mixers. It was only the x1800 that has made me change; I certainly haven’t seen any other mixers in the last few years that made me think of changing from the X1700.