Rekordbox XML Import to Engine Prime not working

I have followed the Denon DJ video in importing Rekordbox XML into Engine Prime but it will not run the job. I exported the Rekordbox collection into an XML file. I made sure the Rekordbox library was turned on in Engine Prime. I clicked on Rekordbox then clicked on updated rekordbox library. I select file and click open and no job running. Does anyone have a solution for this issue? I run a 2015 MacBook Pro 15" with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6. Any assistance would be great. My music collection is 44K files. The Rekordbox XML file size is 42.2 MB. Thanks!

Hi @EddyBobby - Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the difficulty - I’ll be happy to help!

Just to be sure you followed the steps in the video below?

What version of Rekordbox do you have installed?

What version of Engine Prime?

Where is your music collection stored (internal, external, network)?

HI @JWiLL - Thank you for the welcoming and thank you for your assistance. I have Engine Prime version 1.3.3 and Rekordbox I have 5.8.4 version. I just installed them both last Tuesday and activated the Rekordbox Performance after buying the Prime 4 the Thursday prior. I also followed this instructional tutorial to a tee and it still does not work.

My music is stored in the Mac’s internal hard drive under the folder “Music”. Most of my music are in subfolders too. My largest subfolder is the Promo Only at about 256 gigs. Many subfolders broken down by year then category than month.

It took Rekordbox roughly 24 hours to analyze all my music as I had to do it slowly due to the processor or hard drive heating up so I had to break it down to approximately 3,000 songs per batch to be analyzed. Luckily Rekordbox reads folders and subfolders. It totaled by collection just right under 44,000 mp3 files.

Do I need to update my macOS from Mojave to the latest version of Catalina? I also noticed the Denon Engine Prime does not read folders or subfolders when analyzing music like Rekordbox does. Any assistance or solution to my issue would be helpful. Thanks!

I was also thinking of removing all my files from the subfolders to one folder “Music”. Would this help at all or does it not make a difference? BTW, I performed a computer reformat prior to installing any of these programs. I wanted to clean out my MacBook so installs were clean.

Hi @EddyBobby - Thanks for the info. Those versions should work together fine. Sub folders also shouldn’t be a problem.

So what happens when you import the Rekordbox XML, does it show the playlists or anything?

It may be worth temporarily renaming the ‘Engine Library’ folder within your Music folder to see if something in the current database is preventing the tracks from importing correctly. This will open Engine Prime without any collection and give you a fresh start. Just be sure to make a backup before you attempt to rename or remove your Engine Library folder.

HI @JWiLL - You’re welcome! Nothing really! I followed the video on importing it and nothing. Now sure how to describe it. At the bottom right corner where it states “No Jobs Running” it lights up and activates for a fews of seconds as if it is buffering then stops with “No Jobs Running”.

I tried renaming the XML file but I will try renaming the Engine Library folder. Now if I use Engine Prime to analyze the music MP3 files it has no issue. It will do that!

Update: I just tried your suggestion and it was a no go.

Having the very same issues. you can drag in the tracks but that’s such a time consuming hassle…

Realy hope the next update will provide more stabiliy on this matter.

I also tried uninstalling Engine Prime 1.3.3 and installing it again. No luck! So I tried an older version of Engine Prime 1.3.1 and still, no luck. So I tried renaming the Rekordbox folder and reopened Rekordbox, followed the steps again in exporting the collection to a XML file then imported it into Engine Prime. Still, no luck!

Hi @EddyBobby - Sorry to hear you haven’t had any luck.

Could you send me your Rekordbox XML and I’ll have a look in my environment?

Please upload the file here:

@JWiLL, File has been uploaded at link provided and sent.

Hi @EddyBobby - I received the file but the behavior was as you described, no tracks or playlists imported.

Here is my export that I confirmed working in my environment. Please try to import this on your side to see if that works.

@JWiLL Your file worked. What do I do now? Should I reach out to Rekordbox? Seems that there is an issue with Rekordbox in creating the xml file.

Interesting. The only difference between our files is that I exported on 5.8.3 and you exported on 5.8.4. I will try to export on the later version of RB now to see if that presents any issues for me.

Not sure Rekordbox will offer support with Engine Prime, but if you’re unable to recover your Rekordbox collection from the exported XML then that would be a Rekordbox issue.

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@JWiLL, I am having trouble finding the 5.8.3 version of Rekordbox. Do you have a copy you could forward to me? Thx!

Update: Never mind, I believe I found an older version in my folder.

Sorry, I update through the app and don’t have any installers on my computer.

I can confirm that I am able to export and import with 5.8.4 as well so, unfortunately, I don’t think it has anything to do with the version.

Not sure what’s the issue is but it seems to be with the export from Rekordbox. You could confirm by temporarily removing your Rekordbox collection and try to restore from the XML. If you try this please create a backup first.

No problem. I found an older version of Rekordbox 5.6.0 so I installed the older version, followed the steps and still Engine Prime is not reading the xml file I exported from Rekordbox correctly yet it reads your xml file just fine. Could it be the size of my music collection at 44k? I am at a loss here.