Rekordbox USB: what with updated playlists from rekordbox, do they update in the SC 6000?

Hey Guys,

Doing some research on choosing between CDJ-3000 or SC 6000, and switching from Traktor 3 to a laptop-less setup. Seems the SC 6000 imports a Rekordbox USB stick just fine. Jeej!

But still wondering: what if, after a SC 6000 converted this Rekordbox USB to Engine OS’s format, I then come home from the gig, make some changes in Rekordbox during the week (add tracks, update playlists), and sync those changes to my USB stick. When I stick it back into an SC 6000, does it detect the changes and updates it’s Engine Library (or re-import)? Or would I have to delete the Engine Library and trick a SC 6000 to convert again?

Greetings, Johan

From my experience with SC5000’s - Player detected new tracks and data on the stick and reacted accordingly to import new tracks to that data base, that was already made previously. For some time I used both CDJ’s and SC media players, so I had 2 usb sticks (one was a backup), that was used in both units and all went fine. No lost files, corrupted mp3’s or any other unexpected things…

I gave thought to this also.

I’m gonna test out using the rekordbox iPad app to prep music then export to a USB stick and pop it into a prime deck and see what happens.

The only thing is that I can’t export to a USB stick so I have to use the copy and paste method. If there’s a better way to move back and forth with just a USB stick and the rekordbox iOS app then I’m all ears.

Tnx for the response

That’s useful info. Well, the thing is, I’m doubting about two things with the SC6000: one is that Engine Prime’s desktop software isn’t really mature just yet, the other is that I run into CDJ’s all the time at events where I play a set for an hour or so: switching the CDJ’s for my SC’s isn’t really an option (oh well, it is, I once switched the mixer with the audio running! But that’s not really standard practice :D)

Solution here would be to use rekordbox and buy the much cheaper SC6000 for myself, using it at private parties/weddings where I bring my own gear? Is there any functionality that I won’t get on an SC6000 using a rekordbox stick that I wouldn’t have using a CDJ then? I believe CDJ’s can’t update there rekordbox playlists anyway, so it would only be cue points/loops which don’t get synced back to recordbox?

Do you have any experience you want to share regarding this?

Greetings, Johan

No memory cues is one ive heard off.

I can test the playlist update bit


  • Create a list

  • Plug into 5/6000

  • Unplug add some more tracks, add some extra hot cues

That’s what you want yeah?

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That would be cool. I would like to know if this works cumulatively. I know that rekordbox won’t recognize any changes that the Denon’s make but how would the Denon’s work with changes made in rekordbox.

Test 1

  1. Exported 3 tracks to clean USB stick from RKBx 6
  2. Plugged into 6000 - works normally

Not saved loops though

Test 2

  1. Added more tracks to same playlist
  2. Rekordbox overwrote the playlist as I was exiting
  3. This implies that it’s a new playlist to Engine OS and this reimported everything again.

Test 3

  1. Added only extra hotcues to playlist
  2. Engine OS asked to update when I plugged it in
  3. The new hotcues were added to songs that it previously analyzed

In summary - Rekordbox sticks are up to date when used on the Engine OS devices with Hotcues.

I made a few saved loops (saved them to rekordbox hotcue) those did not make it over in all above scenario