RekordBox Memory Cues, Loops & Auto Loops

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RekordBox user here that’s thinking about trading in my current NXS2 Players setup for the Prime 6000 series but have a few questions.

If I switched from my NXS2 media players to the SC6000 and continued to use RekordBox on my laptop to only prepare playlists and sets could I then trust the Prime 6000 players to read my RB Playlist sets 100% correct including Memory Cues and Auto Loops as well as all the beat-griding etc.

I ask as my style of DJ’ing uses the Auto Loop and Memory Cue feature a lot, so it is vital that the SC6000 reads them 100% correct from my imported RB Playlist sets.

I’ve come across the odd thread where people are stating problems with Memory Cue/ Auto Loops being read from RekordBox.

Can anyone put me at ease or can Denon perhaps say if they plan on fixing this?

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Try recordcloud. It’s a shame to have to use a third party app but it does a lot of things that engine doesn’t need to do, for the majority of users, and it’s certainly the best of the 3rd party apps, by a long way

It will only translate to what the players are capable of using. There’s no memory cues on the prime deck so you can’t use them for example.

The best thing to try and simulate what you will see on deck is to make a test USB stick and run it through engine prime and see what happens.

I mostly use the rekordbox ios app for music preparation.

Even if EP can convert your Memory Cues, they will be converted to Hot Loops. Thats how the conversion softwares handle it. So say for example you have 8 hot cues and 8 memory cues in a rekordbox track…you will only get the 8 hotcues as thats the max Engine can handle.

Saved Loops will be transferred.

Like @Wyley1 suggested, test a few tracks from rekordbox in Engine Prime. What you see in Engine Prime is what you will get on the 6000

So I will need to manually convert all my Auto Loops in RekordBox to Hot Loops in Engine Prime?

And can Hot Loops be set to Auto Hot Loops?

Hope so if not it seems I’m out before my switch to Denon even started :expressionless:


Not manually

Shame looks like I’ll be going for the CDJ3000’s then.

Thanks for the help though guys.

There used to be autoloops. I think up to engine os 1.3/1.2. Then it got removed for some reason.

I have complete faith (not saying this lightly) that the feature will return soon.

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I saw a thread of someone requesting it that’s 2 years old and still not been fulfilled.

What makes you think it will be soon. It’s a feature I cannot do without I’m afraid, and I am utterly surprised that Denon don’t support it.

Because because :mask:

Are you a beta tester for new firmware or something? I really would like to know if it’s gonna happen because I’m 50/50 on thinking to order two SC6000m’s or not.

At the time when the prime series came out it did more than the cdjs could with 4 hotcues on deck and adhoc memory cues and can still do more than the new cdjs. If memory cues are that important maybe $3000 per deck is justifiable.

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Each can be used twice so I think you’ll find it was 8 too …

And I’m not trying to make this a war of which is best I’m simply just trying to understand how features I’ve used for years are missing from Denon EP workflow.

Memory Cues and Auto Loops are a basic feature I really don’t understand why they cannot be implemented especially when I’m being told one was once a feature that’s been taken away and nobody has an answer as to why?

Other threads are on here requesting the features and many other threads are on here of people stating them missing from RekordBox conversions. So before I perhaps go blowing thousands of my savings on some hardware after a year in which I’ve had no work because of a pandemic I rightfully have my doubts and questions.

Would you be happy if denon gives you 4 hotcues on deck with the option to press shift to access the others. Then just for you denon should split the 8 pads so you can have hotcues on 4 pads and the other 4 for memory cues then you could press shift and still will be able to access precious features. Just like the cds but still better. Lmao

Memory cues were brought over from obsolete gear that every pioneer dj wished it was performing like hotcues. Hot cues replaced it all. As a former pioneer dj I can say memory cues are useless in this day and age. If you think otherwise we can see that from most pioneer djs they have no regards for memory cues cause every one knows they are just unnecessary.

However if one needs to have obsolete features then one should consider and spend the appropriate amount to have it.

Enjoy your long waiting in limbo.

Memory cues, for those who are interested are adhoc cues at a time where there were no hotcues.

They were just a signpost dot that scrolled past to hint at when something was coming up , like the beginning of the vocals or some such passive visual aid.

Don’t see why that could not be a workaround option put into the touch screen settings in all seriousness. And not just for me as I have found many posts on this forum from others asking about it.

I just ordered a pair of CDJ-3000’s, so I won’t be waiting.


Also, Memory cues serve more purpose than static reminders. Especially for scratch DJ’s wanting to jump to a point in the track without it being an active cue point :wink:

Thanks for the unnecessary hostile replies though with incorrect and useless information.

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The useful aspect of the memory cues is that the CDJ/XDJ has a down counter (bars) to the next mem cue upcoming. If Denon has same for hot cue it would be fine. Of course for everything else hot cues are superior to mem cues.

From what I can see in the manual, the Denon is only displaying the elapsed bars on the right side of the beatmeter - which is quite useless IMHO.

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Thats bs tho. Memory cues are perfect in for example acapellas/transitions if you are really active on the decks with fadecuts etc. I rather have it as an option than not having it at all. Really miss it from my pioneer equipment.

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Memory cues were developed for the cdj 1000 CD players with a memory card at a time when there were no hotcues.

Anyone can give a reason to have memory cues and my response is that you can do it with hotcues also but better.

If engine prime incorporates memory cue from pioneer then good.

It’s entertaining to watch peoples perspective on this.

I thought of this as well.

But then like with everything else in DJ history, things are always used in a way the designer did not intend and then becomes a part of their workflow.

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