Rekordbox Import on Firmware 1.2

I tried to do Rekordbox Import function directly from the SC5000 player last night. Inserted USB drive…said yes to the media import. Player looked like it was importing/reading through 15K tracks on my USB sticks. Once it was finished there was no “successful” message. I couldn’t see any playlists, tracks, cues, etc. I could only see the “contents” folder that is created by Pioneer by default when exporting to USB via Rekordbox.

Not sure what I did wrong or if anyone has reported that feature not working in the latest firmware update. I tested on 2 different players both with Firmware 1.2 on SC5000.

After the latest update I made a exact copy of my Engine Prime Library (iTunes library) in RekordBox mainly because the processing time in Engine Prime is hillarious, and and I didnt have any problems at all. It turns up in Playlists and from there I can access all folders etc. 42K tracks. Hope you get it sorted!

Please elaborate in a little more detail on this? I use rekordbox on usb sticks as it is standard out here. I make constant changes to my playlists (I use iTunes bridge function on rekordbox often). So refreshing iTunes is super easy to remove/add songs and refresh changes. So what do you mean by processing time? Processing time within the SC5000 or within actual engine prime software? Or did you simply use the iTunes function within Engine Prime? (If so did that carry over your cue points etc). I have like 10 hours to start processing all of this. It would be 15K no way can I do my entire connection and no way do I have time to trim and condense my playlists to make this entire process a lot easier/less confusing. Have to stick to what I know but I have full Denon DJ gear out here at my overseas gig in Norway. Time is ticking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Accuracy is a MUST (that means accurate cue point positions, accurate BPM - as I don’t have time to try and halve / manually enter proper BPMS etc) - I use rekordbuddy religiously for Serato To Rekordbox import. Works flawless 99.9% of the time.

Well I have like never used RekordBox so it was a “clean” transfer from iTunes which is my main library. The few cue-points I did make in RekordBox to check, did come up on my SC5000. The hillarous processing time I refer to, is the Engine Prime software, not the SC5000. BUT the SC5000 still scans the tracks first time you load them from the RekordBox usb/ hd so I think its creates its own beatgrid and might be different from the RekordBox. But like I said, never used RekordBox before.

One of the things I love in RekordBox is that it just transfers the folders etc - I dont need to create the folders manually and then dragNdrop tracks on to them, like in Engine Prime. So in that way Rekordbox is way easier. Therefor I also believe syncing the folders and their tracks is easier, but I yet have to test it some more.

We had the same problem last night when importing 10K tracks on a SC5000m 1.2.2. It started importing, but after 7000 tracks, it stopped, and the media selection page came up.

Looks like there’s a issue with lots of tracks ? Denon care to comment ?

if this doesn’t get fixed, we still need to use CDJ’s for our gigs…


10k tracks seems a lot to do on the players standalone.

Why not plug the USB into a computer.

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This is indeed Engine Primes main reason for existing

because engine prime can’t convert the cue’s/loops from rekordbox to engine prime. The SC5000 can do this but not the engine prime software on PC/Mac.

Apologies for the lack of response here guys, check with the dev team now.