Regarding wifi in the SC5000/M devices

A small question to Denon regarding wifi in the SC5000/M devices.

Now I don’t expect that to happen, but if for some reason one’s wifi module doesn’t work when you open up the streaming options - how should we as customers behave if we are beyond the warranty period. (The SC5000 / M is a couple of years old now.)

Is it just a shame, or does Denon cover the expense that might have to go with getting it fixed?

I ask with pure curiosity, and not because I have any reason to believe it doesn’t work. But it’s electronics … :slight_smile:

My 2 cents:

Just curse the hell out of some deity or simply ask staff or support what to do. I think there always will be a solution.

The other way around definitely won’t work. For example: Curse to staff and asking the lord for help.


Sure I could wait and see if there was a problem, like I said: I dont expect that there will be one! But the question popped up in my head last week - you know - just in case… and it might be that Denon already has a procedure for this. (Unless people have opened up their units ofcourse)

I wrote Jason before the weekend, but guess he already enjoyed the weekend at that time, so the reason for me asking here, is that maybe we all could benefit from a answer to this question.

Just in case some are having a problem, when the day comes where they open up for the wifi.

I´m not a religious person so it will be dificult to curse staff and some deity :wink: And I dont want to. So I dont hope that this post will get the usual negative responses, as it is NOT ment in any negative way.

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