Refreshing Serato Library takes forever...curious if the time can be shortened

Serato library is my main software for organizing my music.

Say I add a few new tracks to my Serato library, it still takes north of 2 hours for the refresh library process in engine Prime.

Just wondering if the developers can quicken the process somehow.

Can they take a look at how Virtual DJ 8 seems to be able to manage this. It takes less than a minute to refresh Serato library and crates in virtual DJ

Just asking.


When you see a serato folder in VDJ, you only see the list of files, not the cue points and so on, it gives the impression that it was something instantaneous but if you send VDJ to analyze those files so that it imports cue and other points then you will notice that if it takes more time (it is true that it is the least delay in my opinion). Engine Prime when importing the serato library does it by importing all the metadata of the bone tracks, cue points, loops, etc. that’s why it’s logical that apparently it takes longer but on a PC with good specifications it’s not for as much as 2 hours unless that are several TB of music. a pc with 4 cores at least 4 gb of ram and fast hard disks should not delay and this is a pretty basic pc nowadays

greetings and apologize my english

That’s not my experience with Serato and virtual DJ.

Serato cues show up in my virtual DJ crates.

Serato crates show up under crates in virtual DJ.

The crates show up automatically in virtual DJ.

I have reasonably speced 2017 macbook pro, i7 2.9ghz, 16gb RAM and using a 4tb SSD with 60k songs/video

hi @mufasa - thank you for this feedback.

Could you please tell me roughly how many tracks are in your Serato library?

I know the dev team are working on speeding up both the Serato and iTunes loading times so hopefully, we’ll see this in the next update or two.

Regards J

That’s about 70% of what I’ve got in my library, and yes, it’s slow, but now that I know it’s slow, I make a point of not doing library admin on the same day that I’m gigging

I have about 63k tracks roughly. Any form of improvement to speed things up will be appreciated.

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