Hi is there anyway to increase the volume of the live recordings? Without having to play the set louder to compensate?

Seems much quieter when listening back


45sec job in free tool like Audacity. Import, select all, amplify, export as wav/mp3, done.

There is a big thread here about why is good that the percieved volume of recording is lower than the percived volume of original tracks, check it if you want to learn some stuff about digital levels etc but for now just use any program to up the levels a bit before uploading.


First you have get your volume levels right.

You can do this by:

Master completely down to 0 dB. Than you set your channels Volume: Fader to 0 dB - Level control knob to 0dB. Than search the loudest part in the track with needle search.

If you have the loudest part:

Play the track and trim the level control, just a little bit before the blue LED. That is nearly at -1dB max Pegel. (You have still a little bit headroom.)

After that … turn your master level control as much, as your master VU Meter shows 0 dB LED.

After that cange the volume on your PA to a desired volume Level.

When you now record your set internaly, and play it back, it will be at the right recording level.

(You have to understand, that the channel LED´s have an other metering than the Master VU LED´s … its a bit missleading, because there are the same count of LED´s … )

Edit: But the Internal recording is still not working properly:

Many pumping in the recordings … if there is a to hot setted brickwall limiter. I allways record externaly. That´s saver to have a good volumed recording.

I can’t believe we will have yet another thread about this… Please search before posting.

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