Recording to internal hd then sending to laptop?

Hey just recorded a mix to my internal hd just wondering how the hell you send it to your laptop for upload ? Thanks

Restart Prime4 in computer mode and use Explorer/Finder to copy the recording.

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Might be nice to have a “copy to” function so it can be put on a removable media…

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True, but then I would record to the removable media to begin with. :relieved:

The “copy” function is still a hot request.

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But if you’ve got an internal drive, you’d be less likely to do that - however, you would want to conveniently get your recording off the device without needing the whole connect-a-cable-to-a-computer routine.

[edit] Ooh ooh Sir, I just thought of something! When we finally do get SoundCloud added, it would be très cool to have wireless upload of recordings to SoundCloud.

Thankyou very much all new to me I’ll save to usb nx time be a lot easier I guess thanks for all your time

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It would already be nice if they gave us the ability to copy from USB / SDXC to internal HD. Maybe in a few years there will also be the possibility of using wireless … maybe … :joy: :joy: :wink: