Record your mix direcly from the mixer usb slot?

Is it possible (in the future) to record directly from the mixer like some competators mixers offer? I would really like to record my mixes without hooking on my laptop if possible.

There’s no USB record option - so at least laptops will have some use when Prime is out there.

Thanks again for the quick reply! Is there any chance we could see such option of functionallity in the future?

This may be a better, more controlled option for you RAO.DJ - the X1800 acts as a 10-channel audio interface… so, in effect, you could record your 4 channel inputs (as stereo pairs) and your master output (again, as a stereo pair) ‘up’ to your preferred DAW (Logic, Ableton etc). This way, you’d have your full DJ set recorded as a multitrack session! - imagine the control to re-edit, rebalance and remix your DJ set with that?!


Thats quite mind boggeling paul! Thanks for your reply! I think i will eventually buy a portable recorder for an integral recording cause I really don’t want to have to bring my laptop with me anymore if not necessary, but as you said the option you preposed and the possibilities that come with it are truly amazing. I got tons of questions further more, but I got word from my retailer that my ordered primeset will arrive in week 20 so that will probably answer a lot questions on itself. And probably raise a lot of new ones too ;). Thanks again, keep up the good, and thanks in advance for this amazing product line! Stalk you later, with ever kind regards, Raoul / RAO.DJ

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Yes would be great to record without a laptop, if you do a Vinyl only session or play with the new prime players.

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I saw this reloop cassette tape looking recorder to record on usb from the mixer record out, but it only records in mp3…

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Good lord man you just blew my mind! The endless possibilities… :boom:


Yeah, when I saw that in the X1800 overview video I was sold!! AWESOME feature!!

This was also possible with the x1600. Maybe an USB record option will be added with future updates ?

I’d be a little concerned with the mixer having to think about file creation and live appending to a recording onboard - which I’ve seen trip up some other record-to-USB devices.

Plenty of dedicated recording devices available. Or record to laptops, which now might be spare for those upgrading from DJ software onstage to using SC5000 standalone

The discrete outputs to Ableton is really “the best” way to go, but for simple portability I just run a TASCAM portable recorder. A simple RCA to 1/8" cable connects the mixer to the TASCAM and it records in solid uncompressed audio for the duration of the DJ set. No need to record discretely into Ableton if you do it right on the first pass, right? ;>)

Hasn’t anyone thought of geting a super cheap old netbook (remember those?), slapping a win10 on it, plug a usb interface (like Behringer UCA202 for $20) and record your set in uncompressed format? :wink: