Record out and external USB soundcard


I genuinely have tried looking around for the answer to this question. I am aware that i can use various devices or the x1800’s internal soundcard to record mixes.

However, i want to stream the audio source from the x1800 (not record it). I’m using OBS studio software. All i would like to know is would the following device (which i own) be able to capture and stream the x1800’s audio from the record out? Thanks in advance

Just connect the mixer to the computer with USB. There’s no reason to have another device connected to get audio from the mixer to the computer… and it’s probably to a detriment with a little thing like that, anyway.

While you can only use ASIO usually with one app at a time (sometimes I can pull two off with an MP2015), you can have both ASIO & Windows Audio running at the same time on the mixer. So you could send music from VDJ 7 to the mixer in ASIO and/or record back to VDJ 7 or just ASIO into Soundforge when running with SC5000s and/or be streaming to OBS or Wirecast at the same time in Windows Audio. I do it all the time.

By the way, be careful about how the sound is set up in streaming apps. Make sure the outputs you want on the mixer are actually selected properly and every other audio connection, microphone, desktop audio feed, etc, is either deleted as an option or muted in the app. Very easy to have a bunch of other stuff running with sound that you don’t realize until later.

Thanks reticuli! I have a mac which doesn’t have and both audio in and out so I needed some kind of device to get the audio from the mixer. The external soundcard works well and does the job I was concerned because I hear there was an issue with the ONS software I use not taking the audio from the correct channel fro mother x1800. However, everything is fine and the software is allowing me to stream and recording the audio so all is well. Thanks for your feedback though!

OBS reads only channel 1&2 from mixer (not 9,10 as it’s main mix) - so i connected rca cable from record to line 1 to have master on that channel - just stupid fast tip :wink:

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So it’s reading channel 1’s line input regardless of which input you select to ch1 (say, SPDIF) and it sends it fine to the computer? If so, that’s a brilliant use of the converters and routing on the mixer if you don’t mind all the conversions.

Yes tried set up in mixer channels 9 and 10 to usb channel 1 - and it didin’t worked - on mac you don’t have asio.

Like you previously said, the culprit is really the application in use… OBS in the OP’s instance. Apps that take advantage of CoreAudio fully in a pro kind of way I assume should be capable of doing exactly what ASIO and ASIO-compatible apps can do in Windows. CoreAudio on the X1800 should still have the same available channels.

So you were still using the Ch1 SPDIF input on the mixer and the Ch1 analog RCA inputs assigned properly to USB outputs 1/2 to the computer?

image like this - from record to line 1 and usb to laptop

Yeah I already got that. But you were still using the channel one to DJ with, right? The use of the RCA in I assume didn’t prevent you from using the SPDIF input into channel 1 strip from the players, right? Or do you have a P4? I assume it’d be the same situation.

Use StreamlabsOBS

It can select any other channels on the X1800

More information here

The fork is better than the original? Nice.

Yes indeed, more user friendly and easier on the eye.

Finally some sort of solve then.

One can even select the X1800 as a multi channel mixer in SLOBS.

I think someone was asking a question about that as well.

Yes, closed topic:

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