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When I plug my SSD Drive into Player 1, Player 2 shows that it is Read Only? It won’t load the crates/playlists when I use it with Player 2. I’m using the 1.2 update. Anyone else experiencing this?

In the meantime I’m using my normal drive in Player 1 and my backup in Player 2 to get things to work.



Firstly, you double posted :wink:

Secondly, is the drive perhaps formatted as Mac HFS+ of Win NTFS? Then it would be indeed read-only.

Let us know



Yeah, for some reason I didn’t know every post I make has to be authorized by a forum administrator. My mistake.

My drives are formatted for exFat. Just to let you know this read only thing just started happening recently. I cloned my drives using Carbon copy Cloner. I like to add all my music to one drive then clone it before every gig so I have an exact duplicate in case of disaster.

I do have a third older drive formatted with exFat that does not have this problem.



Wow! So read only is working for some people? I realize you don’t want that on your drives, but none of my drives that read only just fine on the Geminis will read at all on the new Denons.

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