Re-syncing playlists that have had songs deleted

Ah, okay. I respectively updated the post to reflect this. Thanks!


The current approach is not realistic and even if you follow Denon’s approved workflow perfectly (which I do) there are obvious gaps in DJ Engine functionality.

It’s even worse if you want you manage your playlists via the hardware as advertised by Denon.

Well, speaking for myself, dragging and dropping does not currently work for me. (Although I admit this may be possible bug I am experiencing.)

Unsure why that is so.

You may need to contact support to upload your db


Hey @graviongr - Happy to help look into this. Feel free to DM me your email/phone number and we can get you sorted.

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…are we gonna address the main issue in which this thread was created for?..

You see that a feature to correct this issue is requested THREE out of TEN times within the ten most requested features? :roll_eyes: