RATING is not imported by into EP (drag drop mp3 files)

Just found anothet BUG…

When importing new music into EP the rating is not copied.

“Re-import track info” does also nothing with the rating.

the tracks in this screenshot are MP3.

dear developers…

If you can fix this please also make sure that there is a metadata write function. For example if you change the rating in EP it only changes in EP. and not in the metadata of the MP3

Thanks in advance.

Is this windows rating you want to import? Does this get written in to the id3 tags or Is it some kind of windows like implementation of their own way of tagging?

I Use 4 programs to edit the rating and other tags.

  • windows
  • previously I used rekordbox
  • Tag&Rename
  • dB poweramp

these programs work fine together. All of these progs can read/change the metadata. This is what I tested in EP:

  • artist
  • title
  • genre
  • year
  • album
  • comment

If you change one of these items with the programs above it also changes in EP. (after you clicked on “Re-import track information”). If you change one of these items in Engine Prime it is ALSO changed is the Metadata.

BUT rating isn’t working.

Rating is just standard IDtagV2 information. I really don’t know why this ain’t working.

If you change Rating with the programs above nothing happens in EP If you change Rating with Engine Prime it does nothing with the metadata.

I’m afraid this is a real BUG

any suggestions??

Let’s wait for Devs to have a look at this. Maybe @KDonaldson can tell us more about how the rating is implemented? I use only Engine Prime to manage my collection, so didn’t see that issue yet.

Thanks for this fast reply. I hope @KDonaldson can help us

Ohhh my God how nice it would be if this RATING could also be edited directly with Engine OS (ie from the console). Hopefully this will happen soon.

Hey @WallyDelux, thanks for looping me in here @NoiseRiser

Up until only a couple releases ago of Engine Prime, all tags were only saved in the Engine Prime database, they weren’t written back to the file at all. We changed this for the common tags (ie Song, Artist, Album) and write these back to the files (File type & permission dependant) but not for shared DJ centric tags (ie BPM/Key) because changing this on the file can cause unwanted behaviour when using different DJ applications with the same tracks.

I believe star rating has fallen into the second category, similar to how rating has been implemented in iTunes, rather than Rekordbox. I wish i could explain this in a bit more detail however i’m unable to at this stage we have some work scheduled for a future update to Engine Prime in regards to the information we read/write to/from files and overhaul the workflows around that experience and make them more tailored for a DJs workflow.

I hope this kinda helps? let me know if you have any further questions



@KDonaldson Can you tell us if we will finally be able to edit the tags directly from the Engine OS display? It would be a very convenient feature for some of us.

I’ve added some information about tag support that you might find interesting in a post towards the end of this thread : https://denondjforum.com/t/right-click-write-information-to-tag/14828 Ratings information can be found in more than one field.