Quick BPM match

Is there a way to quickly match the bpm on a new loaded track to the one that is playing without having to sync? I.e. on pioneer you can simply press the sync button twice. helps when you want to quickly drop a track in without having to move the slider.

Just tested out on the 5000M

There is no quick sync like you described.

You may want to start a feature request for it if there is none already (someone else might have requested it before)

The solution is selecting a different sync method in the Preferences. All Engine OS players offer 3 types of syncing: Bar, Beat, Tempo. Choose Tempo, if you just want to match the BPM of the opposing deck.

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yes and that will work if you want tracks fully sync in tempo continuously. I rarely use full sync, pioneer allow you to bring the bpm up/down to match the live track quickly and still have full control and not have the additional workflow and having to remember to sync and unsync each time.

I’ve just thought this out in a live situation. It means that every track you load is going to leave the pitch slider in soft takeover mode.

On that basis I can’t offer a vote for that idea.

Sync already acts this way, I think most sync users already know this.

@djcolford wants fewer button presses.

Fewer than one - obviously he is worried about being called just a button pusher