Questions about X1800

  1. How many power supplies are in it?

  2. Is the DSP floating point?

  3. What are the specs of the DAC?

  4. Are the analog inputs fixed-gain like on the former Denon DJ digital mixers and the Numark PPD 01 & 9000, or trimmed by the pot prior to the AD conversion like on the Pioneers?

  5. Can the output limiter be deactivated?

  6. Can the wet/dry and fader functionality be swapped to make it a rotary-style?

  7. Why didn’t you guys put an AES/EBU XLR digital out alongside the SPDIF?

Thanks for your time.

No. Instead, it has a proportional channel fader curve rotary control, allowing the linear channel faders to apply volume with the same characteristics as rotary, or other curves too, if prefered.