Questions about SC5000 and Engine software

Can somebody from Denon please look at this video and Help me thanks

at 2:56 the delay is because you have “quantize” on, it is playing your hit cue to the quantize setting you have set like every 1/8 beat, turn quantize off and try it

I think you want to turn off quantize (just tap it on the screen) to get a faster response.

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I’ll cover some of the points but really a video with dozens of questions on it is a difficult medium to respond to in a single post.

It’s great that you feel that the SC5000 is better than your old Pio Nexus, and that there’s no deal breakers, of course.

Some of the questions, namely Serato based ones, like crates/, are already being discussed elsewhere on the forum, so it’s well worth joining those threads for the community answers.

  1. The Multicore process sticker being on one deck, and not the other doesn’t denote whether one unit has had a firmware update and the hasn’t. The Multicore processor is in all SC5000’s

  2. The wonderfully theatrical “Look what happens when I pull the power out” screen show, has been changed to be a lot more practical than the whole screen turning red, hiding all the essential on-screen music data, waveform etc.

Did you notice, 45 seconds into your video, that when you pulled your power lead out, the player recognised the power loss and displayed a triangle power icon appeared in the top left corner of the display ? The SC5000 now devotes that stored backup power to the safe shut down of any USB media in the player to help prevent data loss (Just like Windows/OSX has safe “Eject” procedures for USB Media). Different USB Media may have different shutdown times; A physical spinning hard drive may take longer to shut down safely than say a solid state drive. So, fear not, the player is detecting power loss, and is reacting correctly.

3). Any tracks which you’d like to see ALL the meta data on, simply hold your finger on any track shown on the right hand side of the screen, for a second or so and the entire screen will show all the metadata info.

  1. Custom artwork - To add your own custom DJ or Brand logo simply create a PNG file, name it ” logo.png” and place it into the Engine Library directory on your USB/SD media device. Recommended dimensions are 600 x 600 pixels.

5). As other members have pointed out, the “delay” that you’ve been noticing when pressing a button and hearing the response is the unit Quantizing your press to the nearest beat grid beat. If you’re going “freestyle” and wanting to trigger hot cues etc at “offbeat” or “in-between” beats etc then switch the Quantize option off, by pressing the Quantize button on the touch screen, so that it is no longer illuminated Green.

Thanks a lot it works perfectly I’m very happy now

It was no doubt in my mind that the sc5000 is great or Else I wouldn’t of bought them without seeing them first. Thanks for all your help going to start recommending this to everybody Now I needed a 2 Channel mixer

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Really? The screen turning red and giving you a countdown actually made sense. Having only a small flashing triangle, that could easily be overlooked, as the only indication that the cable was unplugged seems counterproductive to me. But whatever, I suppose it’s not the end of the world. Perhaps in a future update they could add the countdown within the triangle.

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