Questions about live streaming

Hi, I am a ‘home DJ’, trying to give entertainment to my friends, using my MCX8000 with Serait DJ pro, and streaming on Twitch via OBS.

On my Windows 10 laptop, I am using lines 5/6 and sound is perfect un my live streams.

But :

  • when I want to adjust volume, knobs on the controller have no effect on lines 5 and 6. I just can turn virtual knobs on Serato DJ pro to change the sound, which is not very practical. Is there a way to affect temporary controller’s knobs to line 5 and 6 ?
  • Is it possible to use lines 1 and 2 for live streaming, and if it is, how can I do it ?

Thank you very much

Are you saying the individual channel gains don’t affect the overall gain when streaming

Have you considered something like this?

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Hi I’m curious in regards of your setup to stream live. Your audio/live stream is being broadcast via Twitch and OBS only with no other equipment. If you are using the MCX8000 with 4 Chanels what do you mean by lines 5/6?


Maybe thats the USB record channels of the MCX8000 sound card.

Eg the X1800 Record out is Channels 9 and 10

Hey ! Thank you very much for your answers, and sorry for the delay … So, yes i’m only using my MCX8000 connected with USB on the laptop, Serato DJ Pro, and OBS which send the stream to Twitch.

The 5/6 channels seem to be those of the MCX sound card. I can see them as a choice when I click on the sound options of the taskbar, in addiction to line 1/2 and 3/4. But there is no explanation in the controller’s guide about that.

I can choose line 1/2 in OBS instead of 5/6, but if I do, I don’t have any sound in the live. Maybe I could try to map differrently the MCX8000 in serato to have all the functions available with 5/6…?

Serato is plug and play and you cant reconfigure anything in it

Not sure if you are meant to use 1 & 2 (It says master out)

I pulled that from Virtual DJ website.

let me tag someone who uses the unit @kradcliffe

It seems that my problem is the mapping of the controller in Serato : Even when I use it in ‘normal’ conditions (Line 1/2 without streaming) the master and the level knobs don’t have any effect in Serato. And I get an "Error loading Midi XML’ when I try to remap in Serato…

That’s how it’s supposed to be. The master and the channel gains are controlling how “loud” each source comes —out — of serato , rather than the controller telling the serato to adjust a channel volume or master volume. Some things are best taken out of midis control

Ok Julianus. If I understand, the knobs on the controller only affect the levels of the master out, not the levels in Serato DJ. To change level in Serato, I can only use the virtual knobs in the software with my mouse. Right ?

The knobs for channel gain and master, that’s right.

Other knobs on a mixer, like the equalisation bass/mid etc are safe for midi and DJ software to play with

Mufasa, can you explain what can this interface bring for me ? I don’t know this kind of product…

Like @Julianus said you are not meant to be touching any levels inside serato itself.

Go to your Serato settings and turn on Autogain. Choose the recommended settings.

When you connect the McX to OBS via the USB it’s recording the signal before it gets the controllers master knob, this is why the Master does not affect the OBS signal

The USB sound card that o discussed about will maybe simplify things. You connect your Booth Out or Master out to it.

This way your Master or Booth knob will affect the signal whilst this may be desirable but you can also run the risk of distorting your signal.

First thing I want you to establish is what channel is the MCX sending record out on? Is it 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 or 5 & 6

Play music from a thumb drive (usb stick) (no serato) and use audacity to capture your output