Question about the sc5000 ability?

Ok I have the sc5000 for about a month or so. Must stay it’s a great piece of gear only using one deck. Having to know the unit and all it’s feels more like a computer. Wanted to know in the near future can you add colored wave forms with a firmware update if that’s possible ? I know with the other competitors the only way you get color wave forms is by buying another whole unit. Which is crazy! Just curious if that could be done with this unit. Again it’s a amazing unit. Glad that it has the features of the hs5500. Thanks

The SC5000 already has coloured waveforms, with bass, midrange and treble depicted in different colours.

Yes I know but am talking about the same colors waveform like the way the mc8000 display on there screen :wink:

I get what your saying and it’s actually a suggestion I (and others) have made: user definable colors for the bass/mid/highs of the waveform.

While I can’t answer definitively, it’s certainly fun to speculate. I. This case, given the processing power of the SC5000, I would be more surprised if this option wasn’t available in a future update.

Again, this isn’t official or gospel, rather, speculation based on the over-spec’d guts of the unit that, in my opinion, we’ve barely scratched the surface with regards to the SC5000s potential.

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Exactly! I’m just more curious to see if that was a possibly that u can do that without buying another gear for that feature. To me it not a deal breaker am good the way it is. But just curious on what this unit can do in the near future :blush: