Question about Serato DJ "Pitch Play" mode

The “Pitch Play” mode, obtained by pressing SHIFT + SAMPLER, is it a function included in the Serato DJ PRO included in the price of the MXC8000, or is it an option to be purchased separately?

You need the “Pitch and Time expansion pack”.

The MCX8000 was shipped with the license voucher.

So that feature is included in the price of the MCX8000? I ask you this, because it is not well specified on the internet site: on the MCX7000 it indicates that there are also vouchers for expansions, instead for the MCX8000 it says that the console is compatible but does not speak about vouchers.

I used to own one and it definitely came with Serato Pitch n Time DJ expansion.

I don’t understand from which site you took the first screenshot: I have still checked the Denon site (link) but I can’t find the writing that talks about the Pitch’n’Time included.

Instead as regards the second screenshot, what should I understand? Perhaps as I had guessed the MCX8000 has been discontinued, as I wrote another post?

Why don’t you contact the shop you intend to buy from and ask if the Pitch N Time expansion is still included in the units they have.

A sticker on the box usually says whats included. If it was a time limited (or as stock lasts offer) then it may be finished.

I got that screenshot from

2nd picture is FYI (i.e. its discontinued and support may be winding down)

Yes, the idea of asking at the store is good: unfortunately I can’t find a store that has the MCX8000 available for sale. All sold out and unavailable.

Not sure is this is still relevant. Also, you might want to right Denon DJ support directly to find out if there were any changes.

From what I remember reading on the forum, it was a limited time inclusion. Like @mufasa mentioned when I bought mine it did come with a voucher for Pitch n Time. I would call whoever you are buying from just to confirm as the others mentioned.

Okay, thanks everyone for the answers. Now let’s see if the MCX8000 is still available or if it has gone out of production (as I am told by all the stores contacted).

Any luck on this? MCX is still avail at many places in the US.

I no longer researched the MCX8000 because I bought the Prime 4 :grinning: :rofl: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart:

But I see that makes it available in 5 days (in fact they had told me that it would be available in mid-June). Instead the other Italian Denon DJ distributors continue not to have it in the catalog (and they are the ones who had written to me that it was out of production).

Great decision. Have you tried it with Serato yet?

Yes, a little, because I struggle to understand and use Serato DJ PRO. Previously I used VDJ.

I also prefer to use the P4 in standalone: otherwise why spend more than double the cost of an MCX7000 (no stand-alone) to buy a Prime 4?

In addition, the P4 in standalone mode is intuitive and easy to use, the large display is well legible and clear, all information is present. On the other hand, when connected to the PC with Serato DJ PRO the display loses the sliding waveforms and you are forced to look at the PC monitor. The only reason that would lead me to use Serato DJ PRO (or VDJ when it becomes compatible) are the nicer effects than those integrated into the P4, and also this “Pitch play mode” that I really like.

Some of us are using the Prime 4 with VDJ already :sunglasses:

You won’t need a pitch play addon with VDJ either.

Yes I know. I’m following you in the other post. :+1:

For the moment I continue in standalone mode and I look forward to seeing how the coupling between VDJ and P4 proceeds.