Question about power supply

Do you think it’s save to keep the SC5000 and X1800 with the power button engaged (always in the “powered on” position), with the electrical current controlled by a power strip with a switch (see image attached)?


I am asking this because it could be useful in the case that someone have a setup with many devices connected and synced between them (groove boxes, drum machines, mixer, media players, effect units, …), do you think is safe to keep the power buttons of all the devices always engaged, and control the power supply using a single switch in a power strip? Therefore there would be no need to power every single unit one by one.

What do you think?

Apologizes for my poor english.

The mixer will work that way, but not the 5000 as that doesn’t have a latching on-off power switch.

On the 5000 you have to press briefly the power switch to get it to switch on

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I assume this should be very device-dependent, I suppose I have to be informed if all the devices have some sort of “overvoltage protection circuit” or something similar. But I read somewhere about cases with static electricity that was removed by pressing the power button of the devices… I am not sure (I have no idea of electricity/electronics).

Thanks @Jetsound

No. Absolutely not. Not for any piece of audio equipment or any equipment ever for that matter.

When you turn on a surge protector or power conditioner, you need to look at the load versus delivery.

To test this, connect a surge protector to a bad power source (constant surge). You will notice a slight delay before the switch kicks back off. Now imagine that all of your equipment was receiving power at the time of this surge, etcetera

It’s not a good idea to have many devices switching on simultaneously. Every device will cause a small power surge when initially drawing current. Having many turn on at the same time will create a larger surge. I did what you described myself and stopped doing it after having to replace many fuses. It will shorten the lives of your power supplies.

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I am with the guys who have said no. I am in agreement with @hellnegative on the reasons too.

Ok, thank you all for your answers! I will power on all the devices one by one, it’s no problem, but I had to ask!

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