Quantise - Players not staying locked to beat


For me, this problem has also come about so much in some mp3s


Hey @Sevenkami, This sounds different from what is being reported in this thread already.

Can you describe a bit more what you are doing when you get the drift? ie:

  • Step 1 - disable quantize
  • Step 2 - press loop in then loop out 4 bars later
  • Step 3- play a 2nd track and beat match manually.

With that information, we will have a better chance at figuring out what the actual issue is.

As for the new firmware, we’re working tirelessly on it and are currently putting the final touches on it. It WILL have loop trigger quantization :).




Hi AIRVince, thanks for replying.

I have tested more this weekend, including the steps you summarized. Seems the loops going out of quantization / tempo behavior is random. Or at least, i can’t find a definitive trigger that i can reproduce. Suspecting master deck switch and/or imperfect loop size, but i am not sure.

I play house music. Which is as temp consistent as it gets. Sources are digital (no recorded vinyls). So when i set tempo to 123 BPM, i expect everything to stay at 123 BPM consistently for as long as i play it.

  • Disabling quantize had no effect.
  • Using auto / manual (in/out 4 bar) loop had no effect.
  • Disabling (tempo) sync and beat (and tempo) matching manually had no effect.

Every time looped tracks would slowly (or something instantly) go out of sync.

I noticed that (auto) loops show an inconsistent kick / transition on the first beat of the loop. Seems that the end of the loop does not perfectly match the start. It’s audible (as opposed to Traktor, which always loops perfectly/inaudible). Could it be that imperfect length of the loop screws up the tempo?

Also: I can not set master tempo deck manually. When i press the button that isn’t lit, nothing happens. It only switches automatically. Is that normal?

Also also: master tempo seems to be set to the player, not the layer that is playing. I guess that’s normal, but that could also trigger tempo inconsistencies, if there are differences between two layers.


Hurray, quantized loops are coming :sunglasses:


@Sevenkami, Thanks for taking the time to detail everything out. I’ll have the guys in our labs try to reproduce what you’re seeing.

You SHOULD be able to set the master if a deck is already synced. As for the “player, not layer” master set up - this was a tricky decision but I think the better implementation. For example - this gets people out of a situation where the master is on the not shown layer. This results in sort of a hidden master and none of the focused decks’ sliders would have any control of the tempo. Giving the master to the player means that it’s alway clear where the master is.


Hi Vince,

Sadly pressing the master button does nothing, no matter what.


There are several situations where master is not tranferrable, such as when a track isn’t synced or if there’s a small loop running. Could you describe what you’re doing in a bit more detail? ie: Step 1: Sync both players, Step 2: press the master on the non master deck. Step 3: Profit.

I’d like to get to the bottom of this.




Hi Vince,

Funny. Yesterday i finally got the master button to work. I guess no perfect sync or small loop running were blocking it from switching decks. I am using tempo sync, so that makes sense.


That’s good to hear. Lets keep an eye out if there’s anything that still defies expectation.




Beat and tempo synced loops went out of sync again last night. Seemed to be triggered by loading / pressing play on a new track of the other layer of the same player as the loop. On load hiccup? Using a non ssd USB drive. Could that be it?


Now that version 1.2 is here, the hot loops themselves are finally quantized. But from within an active loop, the hot cues are still not quantized! They just jump immediately and out of sync. A very irritating kind of behavior and quite set wrecking. If you are in a loop, deactivate it and then go to a hot cue - then it is quantized. I guess that problem just fell through - it should be a simple fix though. Please Denon, get to this soon.


This is exactly what happened to me last night. I was gutted. :frowning:

How do I prevent this from happening? Do have to quickly assign a loop to a hot cue?

How can this happen in the first place when tempo is synced and loops are set in bars. I don’t get it.


Also for me this happens when I let randomly placed loop play (usually at the end of a track) while I focus on the other decks. At some point it will just jump out of sync. Unplayable.


It’s simply a malfunction (bug) of the quantized hot cue behavior. Denon can fix this in a minor update.

A workaround is to deactivate the loop before pressing the hot cue (at least on my setup).


Annoying? Okay sure. It doesn’t work quite the way it should and that certainly can be annoying. I get that. But set-wrecking? Come on people - the “workaround” here is hit your cue buttons on time! Keep your base skills sharp so that when you run into problems like this out in the world you adapt easily.

Hot cue behavior after 1.2