Quantise - Players not staying locked to beat

I have my quantise locked for 1 beat and quantise enabled.

However when I activate a hot-cue off-beat (while the track is playing) it triggers immediately. Have I activated a setting somewhere that overrides quantise?

Running v1.0.3.


just to be sure: the beatgrids of the tracks in question are aligned correctly?


Even with a track in “Sync” with another track, a hot-cue will break the syncronisity.

Hey Something, This sounds like something is amiss. If Quantize is on, it should trigger based on the grid’s and the current level of quantization. Can you describe in detail (using steps preferably) what you’re doing to get this?

Thanks, Vince

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Ok had a little more time outside of a live environment to test this better.

This happens when loops are involved. Jumping into a loop will ignore quantise and if a loop is active, triggering a hot-cue will also ignore quantise.

I have a video which shows this behaviour should that not provide enough info for you.

Also seems that “shift+play” ignores quantise.

EDIT: Video

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I had reported the same issue a few months ago, so you are definitely not the only one. I simply can’t use hot loops with 2 tracks playing.

I get it now. Thanks for making the demonstration video.

We plan on bringing Saved Loops in line with Hot Cue quantization in the next SC5000 release.

As for the shift+play (stutter) behavior, the way that was conceptualized was more in line with the cue button - it’s a bit more on the old school side of things and therefore doesn’t participate in the quantize functionality.

Hope that helps, Vince


Great thanks!

I can understand the Stutter play acting in this way, just thought i’d add it in to make sure it was intended behaviour.

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I’ll add my voice to those who are anxious to see quantized loops are in an upcoming firmware release sooner than later. I just logged into the forums to ask if anyone else has their tracks come completely out of line when hitting hot loops, and I can see I’m not the only one.

Thanks, Brian

Same issue here. I specificly joined this forum because of the non quantized and out of sync hot loops. It is especially bewildering, that the hot cues are also out of sync when triggered from whithin a loop. When buying the SC5000, I assumed this would all work properly. Please fix this soon.

Greetz, Thomas

Whilst not a fix, because it wasnt broken in the first place, there is an enhancement planned for triggering quantised loops on the SC5000 in a future release.

Not to bash here, but having hot-cues Quantise normally and then fail to Quantise while inside of a loop is clearly not intended behaviour.

Having bugs (or in this case - standardised features, not yet implemented) is fine. These are brand new players running new firmware. We can’t expect to have a suite of software supporting the features of a X year development / testing program others may have.

But glad to see feedback is being observed and developed upon.


Same problem in actual Firmware 1.0.3. In which Firmware Version should this be changed?

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Created my account for the same reason. I can’t believe my new expensive players can’t keep loops synced (note: they jump out of sync when master auto switches to another deck). Kinda beats the purpose of having 4 decks.

Do you have an ETA for a bug fix, Denon staff?

Thanks in advance!

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My Workaround is to Exit the Loop when i use the hotcue button. But it solves not the main Problem …

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I just turned off quantization (and tempo sync). It felt laggy anyway. A bit disappointing.

Remember that as well as simple on/off switching of Quantization, the SC5000 offers no less than five utility options for quantize options - including 4 beats, 1 beat, 1/2 beat, 1/4 beat and even 1/8th beat.

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Is there a workaround to the issue of unsynced loops? I could hold out with that a little longer. The really big issue for me is hot cues going out of sync when triggered from within a loop.

agree it’s not normal for a 2K media player…

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I have tested without any sync or quantize on, and still one or more of the decks go out of sync after a while. That should not be possible once the tempo is set (and the beatgrid is not variable). This sounds and feels like a major bug in the tempo clock. Playing with more than two decks (and using loops) is kinda null this way.

@Denon: any ETA on a hotfix or maybe new firmware? This is pretty major.

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