problems with loading tracks in denon sc5000 prime

I have 2 denon sc5000 prime players and a denon x1800 prime mixer. I’m a mobile dj, so in each event I have to bring a large list of tracks (approximately 2500 songs). The problem is that when I search for a list and load a topic, the player takes a long time to load and stay stuck on some occasions. I made changes of pendrive 3.0 and the same thing happens, a week ago I bought a hyperx 3.0 pendrive of 3500 mb of speed but the problem persists. Another problem that happens sometimes is that although I have analyzed all the songs in Engine, when I look for them in the player they appear as not being analyzed, therefore the player starts loading and analyzing the theme. I have both player updated the latest firmware version. I need help to solve my problem, thanks

Hello For the analysis of songs, you first have to scan by Engine Prime before you export it to a USB stick or other. If you scan the song through the USB stick, your scan doesn’t stay in memory, so as soon as you load a song on a SC 5000, it will reanalyze it. That’s what happens to me.

Where do you plug that 3.0 usb drive into?

The front USB port is usb 2 on the sc5000. For usb 3 drives you’ll need the rear USBs

I have 20k songs on my HDD and don’t experience any delays when searching of loading. Not even on the linked player.

The Hard Drive is a USB-3- but I connect it via the front USB 2.0, it must and does work but you can’t fully enjoy the USB3.0 speed, but again USB2.0 is more then fast enough too load a 15MB song in a few seconds and perform the searches accross the 20k collection

USB ports are backwards compatible. To those that may not know, that means a USB3 drive will work in a USB2 port and a USB2 drive will work in a USB3 port.

As pointed out by polderboy, the obvious is that if you have a USB3 device and plug it in to a USB2 port, you only get the max read/write speeds of a USB2 port.

All tracks I load on deck have been analyzed in EP on my desktop and I don’t get any kind of noise when loading. I don’t have 2500 songs on my drive either so perhaps your drive is simply full, any drive you fill above 80% capacity tend to experience slowdowns. Try the same drive with a couple songs on it and see how it fairs, if it does the same thing then you may want to consider re-flashing the firmware? Does this happen on both decks?