Problem with recording serato dj mcx8000?

Hello I’m using a mcx8000 in the set recording or my presentations the result only a narrow continuous line does not present in wave form I have had this problem since I got it but I think this is not very complicated, is it? I urgently await your response, thank you very much for your attention.

You might want to increase your master volume or increase the recording gain within serato. It can be found in the recording section of serato

hello good i’m rubben scott dj, denon equipment user since i started career dj i am with denon mcx8000 now but she surprised my expectation, worked fine after one channel crashed, then the other two standalone stopped the screen just the name (Denon mcx8000) the good functionality with the pens has crashed, and I can not connect there with the engine prime :sob::sweat: are these problems that have been happening and continue until now …