Problem with changing pitch range


I have the following issue, which I would be grateful if you could tell me if the behavior of my Denon SC5000M was designed that way, thoroughly, or should it be changed as I suggest.

Let me explain: when I load a track and change the pitch range to +20 or + 50%, if I raise the pitch slider a lot so that the BPM is higher than it is at a lower percentage, that is, + -8% , + -10%, does not allow me to go down in range, remains locked at + -20% or + -50%, depending on the case, until I slide the pitch down until I get to the maximum that it would give with those percentages.

Wouldn’t it be logical, that whenever you want to change the pitch range, the BPM of the track will be automatically recalculated, and not prevent the descent?

For me this double maneuver, playing music in a club or live, in addition to being misleading, makes me waste time and get on my nerves.

Another question and suggestion is why there is no intermediate pitch range of 16%.

Thank you.

My device: Denon SC5000M; Firmware 1.4.1

Are you using sync ?

If so, what you’re describing is just “soft takeover” and is normal.

What you were saying about logical , I’m not sure that The bpm should change Just because pitch range is changed

No, the cause is not Sync.

I never use that comfortable and easy way to play for kids.

I play old school by ear. My Denon SC5000M model is MOTORIZED.

Thanks for reply.

Hey Jatoro,

This behavior is by design. The reason behind this is that we want to prevent abrupt jumps in playback speed whenever possible. I think there a general agreement that changing from 50% to 8% range when the slider is within 8% range should not change the playback speed, since the slider is already within the acceptable range. To have the playback speed jump when the slider outside of the 8% range is potentially disruptive to a mix, and this is can happen if the DJ is not paying attention to slider positions. The safer thing to do is to prevent such range changes from happening - as is current behavior.

Having said that, we are treating both play and paused states with the same rules. I think it is worth exploring relaxing the rules on paused decks, since there is no opportunity to mess up an actual playing mix here. This could go as far as always having playback speed jump to the slider behavior, even when it is still in range. Why don’t you have a think about what makes the most sense to you and then write it up as a feature request. If it gets traction, it will be something we will consider to implement in future versions. Same goes for the 16% range.



Hi @AIRVince, I greatly appreciate your extensive explanation and time.

From my perspective, I see a mistake very difficult, since to change the pitch range you have to press the SHIFT + PITCH BEND key combination.

In any case, the behavior of any turntable with differents pitch ranges, when changing the pitch range, is what I am referring to, Pioneer PLX-1000, Technics M5G.

I think it would be natural behavior and I never change range with the track that is already playing, but with the one that will enter to the mix, so if I left the previous one with a much higher pitch range, this issue occurs to me.

Thanks again.

You can change the + and - buttons behaviour to Pitch range selection, so You don’t have to hold shift. Go to utility and look for pitchbend/pitch range setting. That will invert the option so with shift it will be pitch bend, without it will be pitch range.

Will this feature help?

I requested that option a while back.

There is no soft takeover when using the SC5000M with serato.

Pitch adjustments just continues irrespective of the absolute position.

If you need to zero the pitch fader, adjust the pitch fader till the onscreen tempo is at the original tempo, then holding shift, one can return the fader to zero.

Holding shift also allows one to move the pitch without changing the tempo eg when I need to do a wide transition

The feature I miss the most from Serato DJ when using Engine OS.

For transitions this is greatly needed.

@NoiseRiser, excuse my bad English.

Maybe, too, I explained myself wrong. THE PROBLEM IS NOT in having to press a combination of buttons (SHIFT + PITCH BEND) to change the pitch range.

On the contrary, if I did not get it wrong, as explained by @AIRVince, that by design, this was conscientiously done, that the pitch percentage was not recalculated and, therefore, the BPM, when changing range, to avoid possible desynchronization by mistake, when changing the range.

I do not know if I explain myself very well. But, in my opinion, that is the behavior it should have, i mean RECALCULATE REALTIME, like any turntable. I don’t want anything else.

Thank you all, in any case.

Yeah - keep the pitch range change as it is please.

If I’ve had to go up to +30 percent on the pitch control to get a wild mix in, it seems perfectly logical to me that the deck won’t let me change the pitch range to a range of + - 16% until I’ve moved the pitch control back into a + or - 16% or less.


This annoyed me too at the beginning.