Problem reading external HD correctly formatted

Hi, just discovered strange problem on my Prime 4 with external USB hard drives.When I format the drives ExFat I get a message that the drive is incompatible and I need to reformat to ExFat or FAT32. When I format to FAT 32 the drive can be read , when I format with ExFat the drives CANNOT be read. But when I put a USB stick or SD Card formatted in ExFat it WILL BE recognizable & readable !! I have also a SSD internally formatted ExFat and this works perfect ! … So why my 2 USB hard drives in ExFat are not recognizable ? Anybody got this issue to ? Thx Dirk

what did you use for the format? GUID or MBR partition format?

Good question, I try to find this setting in the Mac OS disk utility but I don’t see that option anymore under the Catalina os … maybe this is possible under Windows 10 ? . Thanks for your answer allready :grinning:

Open Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type diskutil list.

Thanks , what format should I use , MBR ?

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Try ExFat and MBR.

Problem solved !! I formatted : exfat with mbr , and know it’s reading perfect ! Thanks for the help and support ! :wink::wink::+1::+1:

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