Primetools: The swiss knife of Denon's Engine PRIME

Hi there, this will be of interest for many among you.

Many here will know that there are many issues with Engine PRIME library management. Most of those thing won’t probably ever be solved because they are either edges cases or the there are not enough demand for it.

My library workflow barely includes Engine PRIME, up until I bought SC6000 last autumn I didn’t use any Denon products. Most of my library is store in ITunes and funny enough, I don’t really ITunes neither but it’s a good “hub” for meta data since almost all other music software support some kind of import from it. So I need a simple tool to patch some of the data in Engine PRIME. My goal is that I am able to reconstruct my whole PRIME library from scratch.

So I coded a little CLI tool to enable some synchronization on data which either doesn’t work or isn’t supported in Engine PRIME. I decided to share my code as open source. It’s written in golang which give you a single executable which you can copy around quite easily (no dependencies, dll, runtime etc). It’s also cross platform but I since i develop on windows, that’s the only platform I’ve run tests on.

Since running this might blow out any of your library, highly suggest you make backups before using it. I don’t provide compiled binary for this exact reason (this is meant for power users).

My use case which have been use to design the tool:

  • Setting the added date to the one in ITunes
  • Sync ratings
  • Fix duplicate / moved files
  • Importing back crates from a exported drive back into Engine PRIME

Here’s the source code. If you have suggestion, comments or pull requests, let me know.


Excellent work! Would it be possible to take the ‘date added’ from Rekordbox for EP to read? I’m just moving over from RB…

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I don’t use rekorbox but looking at a xml library export, it wouldn’t be very complicated to implement it as a source.