Prime4 1.6.0 beta 2?

Does anyone know anything about the new PRIME41.6.0BETA2. I found it on one of the forums.

That’s the public beta of September 2020:

Engine OS v1.6 Public Beta Download & Release Notes - PUBLIC BETA ENGINE OS / Download & Release Notes - Official Denon DJ Forum

Hi, we’re in January, no 1.6 final release… Please my Prime 4 is waiting for it. 1.5.2 is stable, but lots of features are missing (prelisten, dropbox, new graphic interface more intuitive and practical with 4 tracks or in horizontal mode)

I don’t know if this feature was added in the final 1.6 version (I would be very happy about it), but the 1.6 beta does not have the ability to display 4 simultaneous tracks with the horizontal view.

Why did you buy something if you thought things you needed, were missing ? Some of the things you’re wishing for may not ever appear on prime 4

Perhaps he meant that the 1.5.2 version is missing some features present in the 1.6 beta, but since these features are buggy, he cannot use the beta but must stay with the 1.5.2.

Yea Im on beta 1.6 and I dont see any difference in the UI and theres still no 4 horizontal waveform

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