Prime Throws off BeatGrid and Cue Points

I use Traktor for Library Management and Mixed in Key for Analysis and Cue Points however when I then move tracks over to Engine Prime it has to re-analyse which completely throws off the Beatgrid and cue points which are all perfect in Traktor. Any solutions? I kind of at my wits end trying to figure this out.

Thinking that there might be some work around to make the library believe it’s already been analysed by engine and just directly load it?

few reasons why this could be happening

  1. Engine Prime calculating a wrong BPM

Workaround - Inspect BPM on EP and type in the right one before exporting if you analyse in EP

Alternate Workaround - Disable EP autoanalysis, export tracks sans analysis to Prime 4 drive and let Prime 4 analyse the tracks (this happens when you load the track), Prime 4’s most recent firmware allows it to use BPMs in tracks metadata as a guide for its bpm analysis. Same feature is expected in EP software and other Prime devices at he next update. Ensure you have info written to tags in Traktor, so the tracks ID tags contain BPM values following analysis in Traktor.

  1. Engine Prime calculating the correct BPM but not detecting the downbeat correctly. All softwares have this issue, some are better at detecting the downbeat though eg Traktor (but doesnt have flexible beatgrids)

Fix - Slide the grid right or left. You can do this mid gig or whilst managing your library

Is there a way to batch analyse everything on the Prime 4. I don’t have time nor patience to do every track one by one!

I noticed the P4 onboard analysis is slower compared to the SC5000. I don’t own the P4 but I recently tested it in a shop.

Not sure there is a batch analysis.

Perhaps “autoplay“ overnight with Pitch at +50% or just wait for the next Engine Prime release.

How large is your library btw?

A Few thousand songs, I’ve used Traktor for years and recently made the switch. I absolutely love the hardware its genuinely the best bit of gear I’ve used, the software just drives me mad. It’s nice knowing that that aspect is fixable.

Hmmm thats not a bad shout. P4 has ± 100 as well lets give it a whirl

EDIT: Incredibly slow, think it will take about 2 weeks to do that. Not a bad work around for a playlist or two though.

Does Engine need to analyse if importing from Rekordbox as well?

As DJs we shouldn’t expect to walk up to some gear and have it already perfect. Sometimes a change of gear means having to do some work as a one off

I completely agree, just think it would be nice to not have to spend a week of my time adjusting beat grids, resetting thousands of cue points and double checking bpms. If I was just spinning vinyl there wouldn’t be any of this quantity of prep work, I wouldn’t have the creativity either; so a middle ground would be nice. I enjoy finding new tracks and finding cool ways to mix them together; not fiddling around with software limitations. I already spend hours finding new tunes adding an extra hour every time I want to import them is kind of unwieldy. I also believe this means that other potential users won’t buy, what is quite frankly, superior hardware! I really love my Prime 4, I think it’s an awesome bit of kit.

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It does unfortunately, even if autoanalysis is disabled. It will analyse the track when you play it either within EP or on the decks.