PRIME LED Indicator Problem



I recently update my firmware to 1.6.1 and have since had some issues. Since the update my Master level LED indicator for my right side has a singular light that will not illuminate anymore as shown in the image attached. Can you tell me why that is? Is there any solution for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully, DJ Mike

I’ve not seen that on my Prime 4 since upgrading. I’ll be surprised if that is a firmware issue. To assist with debug try down grading to 1.6 or before and see if that led starts working again then report back

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Does that specific led work during the turn on sequences where it rotates through all of the leds?

No it does not. All the other LED lights turn on except for the one.176417674_303553081289873_5562325369706626386_n

I’m leaning towards it being a coincidence that you upgraded and that led failed… Like OddwOrld recommend… Roll back to 1.6.0… If that led is still not working i would have to say seek warranty repair.

I have already downgraded to v1.6.0 and have had the same issue. Denon DJ does not have any later versions available.

I really don’t think its software related at this point…

I would suggest contacting Denon.

Def a defective LED coincidence. RMA