Prime Go Screen Protector and Decksaver

Do you guys know the exact dimension of the touch screen? I’m about to receive my Prime Go and want to put a screen protector on it.

Also, any ideas when a decksaver will be available? Thanks guys!

Is a decksaver a good idea if a battery will be charging (and generating heat) under a stylish but “plasticky greenhouse” ?

Hmm I’m not sure that it would be an issue. If you keep the decksaver while you are charging, it means you don’t use the controller. If you don’t use it then there is few risk of overheating. (No cpu load, no intensive usage of power etc…)

I’m not sure either. It’s one of those things you’d need to test carefully for the first few charges then either relax or panic

When I asked decksaver they said “It’s looking like a couple of months due to Covid.” Maybe we can get something late August.


Thanks Kaleo!

Decksaver is available in UK. Hopefully soon in USA.


Actually the Prime Go comes with a screen protector already on it.