Prime Go firmware update issue cause (Kaspersky internet security)

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a solution to a Denon prime go firmware update problem that I was having which I think can be impacting other users. This may also apply to prime 2 and prime 4 users. I was not able to install the latest firmware update when connecting to my Windows laptop using the usb cable from the prime go to my laptop and the firmware update application. I looked at multiple sources of information such as this forum and various YouTube videos for solutions but none worked. The prime go would go to the update firmware screen but my laptop would not update the firmware. Since I work in IT, I thought that maybe my Antivirus/Security software was causing an issue so I disabled it for a couple of hours while I installed it. Still no luck updating the firmware. So I used another Windows 10 laptop that had no Antivirus software other than the built-in default Windows Defender software and the firmware update process worked swiftly. After searching through the web on my specific antivirus/security software (Kaspersky Internet Security) it looks like it may have some DLP or other components that may be blocking the firmware update connection. If you are having issues with updating the firmware on your Prime series devices, it is worth a shot to uninstall your Antivirus/Security software and any of its components since pausing/disabling may not be enough.

Happy mixing, Juan


It’s nice to share this feedback! because it is true that antiviruses often pose a problem and it is even very indicated (strongly recommended) see press release, to deactivate it and that whatever the software used. Not only can it prevent an installation from being performed correctly, but it can also require a large resource of GPU or Ram power or see both at the same time which can cause latency, lag and much more or at worst. case … of unexpected shutdowns of applications “a software crash”.