Prime Go, 2 and 4 comparison spreadsheet

To help me understand how the Prime Go, Prime 2 and Prime 4 all compare (other than in the trivial ways, like # channels and portability), I made a Google spreadsheet listing the features of each in columns.

prime differences - Google Drive

It is not meant to be exhaustive, just a starting point for discussion. Feedback welcome.

Hi @highhands, welcome to the forum!

Please have a close look at the Prime2 FAQ:

I stole this one back @addie. Now we’re even! :wink:

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Thanks! I have seen that and the other Prime FAQs, found them useful, and indeed used them as sources for that spreadsheet.

Still, I find a breakdown of features by column easier for me to understand, also helped me to step back and see the overall picture of what each product offers.

Understood. I could indeed be complementary and easier to read. Thanks!

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Thanks. Also, the FAQs goes over many features that are common to all the Prime players, whereas the spreadsheet skips over what’s common and instead highlights the differences.

It’s the differences between the models I want to better appreciate, in order to have a basis on which to make a purchase among the three.

More differences between Prime 2 and Prime 4


Thanks @addie! I’ll update the spreadsheet with that information. :pray: