Prime Button / Channel Assign

For some reason the prime button on my mixer is not working. I’m trying to configure which deck/layer on my SC6000s maps to which channel on the mixer.

Otherwise the preview function on the players doesn’t work properly as the players think that the channel fader is up when it’s not.

Anyone else encounter this issue?

Apart from the limited info you give us, I’m pretty sure you’ve connected it wrong. :sunglasses:

Channel assignment happens through the audio connections — if you’ve connected your SC6000 to channel 1, it will come through channel 1. Nothing on the mixer can change that.

What are you trying to do with the prime button?

My audio cables were plugged properly, but seeing now that the LAN cables were plugged into the wrong ports. They need to be plugged into the port that matches the deck’s A layer.

For the record, the Engine Connect button allows for additional configuration of channel assignment (so that cue button color can match the deck’s layer color or for preview functionality to work properly)

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Indeed. It’s better to connect the ethernet correctly than to change each time with the Engine Connect button. :+1:t2:

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