Prime 4 with abelton possibilities

I was wondering if there’s a way to combine both systems. Right now I’m running live into a line on prime 4 just one line out don’t have an interface just the line out of the pc bit of an abelton noob. Also never made a post either. So was wondering could I use the USB on the back off the prime to plug in my pc maybe to get a better experience or if not what would be the best interface to use to use both lines on the prime to run abelton threw I hope this makes sense I would like to have my acapellas and clips on abelton I doubt I could get midi sync but maybe when serato comes along thanks

Hi DJtech,

Can’t really answer this yet, but maybe things will be easier routable once the audio driver of the Prime4 works. At the moment it doesn’t.

Thanks for the quick reply I was unaware of that. Only started this set up and the denon was a impulse buy after my Roland dj 808 crapped out before I could attemp anything I do have good hopes for this unit though I like it a lot thanks again

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