PRIME 4 Restore DB

Dear all, mistake happen as follows:

I just tried to use the sync manager in engine dj (Vers. 2.1.0) and to move one of my three playlists to another folder. Operation started and at the end only the playlist I want to move remained. The other playlists are deleted.

I have some backups on my server, taken from my dayly in use USB-Stick. On my dayly in use USB-Stick all playlists were listed before I tried to move one of the playlists.

I tried to restore the playlists, which past away, from the server.

Unbelievable: In the backup folders are only the tracks listed up, without hot cue’S, loops, and no playlists are shown.

Question one: Is there any chance to revover the playlists? Is there phps. an actual DataBase in the gear (P4)

Question two: What’S going wrong in my backup / restore procedure?

I’m afraid to be right back where I’m started from and so please be so kind as to assist as you can and any assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your endeavours in this matter in advance.