Prime 4 not getting past Computer Mode Screen for Serato DJ

On a Mac running Mojave, Prime 4 running 1.6.1. No issues one day and then the next the Prime 4 goes to the computer mode screen but won’t load past that. I don’t have previous firmwares to swap the prime 4 to. Anyone encounter this before or resolve it?

Side note: Tried emailing Denon about 5-6 days ago with no response yet, now I’ve come across all the posts talking about their customer service. I was about to pull the trigger on the SC6000 set and mixer, but if this is how they treat customers I can’t see myself doing that.

What are you trying to connect for?

Using VDJ with the prime ? Trying to add songs to internal hard drive

Sorry, trying to load and play Serato DJ

Have you been using serato dj for a long time or only since you got your Prime 4? What is the model and year of your Macbook Pro? I have two macbooks from mid 2012 and I do not encounter any particular problem, after for my part when I bought the P4 it was to eliminate the use of a computer, so I use it more regularly in stand-alone mode . However if you are using SDJ Pro for the first time have you accepted that SDJ “full disk access” and also authorized SDJ in “accessibility” system preferences of your mac then in “Security & confidentiality” then in the window choose tab " Confidentiality “in the confidentiality window on the left it will be necessary to add SDJ in” Accessibility "and also in Full access to the disk, it will be necessary to unlock the padlock at the bottom left in the corner of the window then click on + and go to find the application to add its access.

Try in case !

The Mac is a MacBook Pro late 2013 model. I’ve been using Serato DJ forever, and using it with the Prime 4 since April 2019. I rechecked the system access and Serato DJ does have “accessibility” and I gave it the “full disk access.” Still the dots just keep scrolling while the Prime 4 is stalled on the Computer Mode screen, but doesn’t load over to Serato.

Appreciate your answer and help though.