Prime 4 - Following Peripherals Did not come online during boot - HELP

So ■■■■■■, bought the very first Pioneer CDJ1000’s when they were first released back in 2001 (and was using some Vestax CD decks prior to that for a few years) and NEVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH ANY OF THEM (and those CDJ’s got dragged everywhere)

Had the Prime 4’s now since a few days before Xmas - and am getting the dreaded “following peripherals did not come on during boot” meaning absolutely zero buttons function (and haven’t left the house basically)

I’ve done as suggested by a few people by using ethernet cable to revert to earlier versions - then back to 1.6.1 with no success

I’ve tried reverting to earlier versions, waiting for the message in attached image to invariably pop up and hit the update option, it attempts an update from USB stick with 1.6.1 loaded, it attempts update, then goes black screen - does not automatically restart.

I’m out of options that I can find online here or on Denon forum.

Anyone else got any options or do I have to send it back to Denon Distributor here in AU? My biggest concern is that I purchased 2nd hand from the USA in early December because couldn’t purchase in AU or anywhere else in the world new at that time.

Nightmare. Failed at a gig to make matters even worse.!


I had s similar error happen to my Prime 4… I just posted about it… So far it seems to have gone away after a restart.

I’ve done a million plus firmware downgrades / upgrades etc and no luck. I’ve sent it back to Denon repairs and am waiting on response.