Prime 4 Effects and Mixer

Hi Denon DJs!

First post here.

I’ve got back into DJing after a long gap. Last time I was DJing, I was using vinyl. What you can do now with this new gear is amazing.

I’ve pre-ordered the Prime 4 and have a couple of questions about it:

  1. I see that it comes with 14 effects. How can I add to that if I would like more/different ones?

  2. Can I use external effects units with it? If so how?

  3. I understand the mixer is standalone but what effects, if any, will work with a vinyl turntable connected?

Thanks, Alex

Welcome Alex,

  1. The included effects are what you have to work with. You cant add any else, but in time, maybe Denon will launch more types of effects

  2. There is no Send/ Return on the Prime 4(like we have on the X-1800), so if you want to use external effects, you would Probably need to add it as a extra source between a Prime 4 and a ‘master mixer unit’

  3. Denon crew will have to answer that question - I guess Filter and stuff like that, but am not sure. I could be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are routing an audio source in to the mixer, why would any of the Effects not work? Why would it matter what the source of audio is?

I would imagine even if you connected an iPod you should still be able to use the Effects with it.

Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I see it…Let’s see what the Denon boys says I guess…

Hi @Funkinory, thanks for posting! Let me answer that last question for you:

The ‘FILTER’ effect will be the only Sweep FX to work using turntables/vinyl on PRIME 4’s Line Inputs.


Why is that? And what about the the beat FX?

Probably because of limitations in the internal sound processing - not a issue when its a ‘internal’ digital file, but when it comes from a external souce connected through a phono /aux then there it a problem.

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Thanks @Engell. I thought that might be the case. I guess I would have been better getting mixer and players separately rather than a DJ controller if I want to add external effects.

Is it the same for phono inputs? I have the VL12 which only has phono.

I tried connecting a phone (phono cables) playing music from Spotify and testet Filter, Sweep FXs and FX panel on my X-1800 mixer. All of them worked except the Bitcrush effect.

That’s interesting @Engell. Surprised as Nekoro_DenonDJ intimated the FX panel wouldn’t work and only the filter sweep would.

Could it be that the originating source is still digital rather than vinyl/analogue?

Hmmm. When i push the buttons for FX1 or FX2 they do not respond on external devices. I can understand that. Only Filter sweep fx works. Would be nice if Echo, Wash and Noise would work too on external devices. My previous controller Roland DJ-808 did it perfectly and makes life more fun.

I hope this is possible in a future firmware update., Or is it hardware related?

I thought there was a request for line inputs to have FX1+2 option already.

I can understand some effects not working as they presumably need preprocessing, but I’m not sure why things like reverb, echo or beatgrid can’t be applied on the fly? What’s the technical limitation here?

Denon, please develop and sell us FX packs. Use the Serato/Djay/Etc business model. We will give you money for these! : )

Might just be me but if it helped us get more FX I wouldn’t mind paying for them. I don’t expect the kitchen sink for free.

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Whaaaat? No effects on external sources?? This is horrible news! And here I was thinking this unit is such a power house. It obviously can’t handle the processing. Im so shocked to hear this.

The prime x1800 mixer can add effects to external sources.

But a prime separates set up is twice the price of prime 4.

There HAS to be differences between the $2500 thing and the $4000 thing. Fx only on the internal players on prime 4 is part of that difference.