Prime 4 and Serato user question

I’m on the fence about purchasing the unit and have a few questions. Once the Serato support is added to the Prime 4 will you need to use a laptop in order to use the feature?

Obviously you will need a laptop in order to use Serato. Serato mode make the Prime 4 a simple controller for the software.

I’ll be honest, I’m a die-hard Serato DJ user/fan. I love it. It’s been my workhorse for over 10 years and through ups and downs it’s helped me play all over the world but when my Prime 4 arrives it will already do 90% of what Serato DJ does for my uses and will not require the laptop.

I know that it’s not for everyone and the missing features will mean most won’t make the switch permanently but as most of the feature set is covered I can see myself firing up the MacBook Pro just for Serato Video only. I wonder how long before video arrives in Engine and we can load tracks from it via wifi? I dare say it won’t be too far ahead.

I think the Prime 4 will be the one to finally break the reliance on SDJ for myself and many out there.