Prime 4 -Akai Force -X1800 -do i need all three for an ecosystem

I have Akai Force at moment and are really interested in using Prime 4 to to stream long stems and sync them to Akai Force loops in memory I assume the X1800 & Prime 4 will sync together via Ethernet cable and i could use Midi out of X1800 to sync with Akai Force? Really confused about how to get all three units syncing up --should be easy as all three made by same company same team

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Short answer: Currently, attaching one end of an ethernet (cat5/6) cable to the Akai Force and the other side of the same ethernet cable to anything within the Denon DJ Prime (closed) ecosystem (eg. sc5000 player, Prime 4) will make precisely nothing happen. I say “currently” because back in January there was a long thread on here re: [Link port on the Akai MPC Force], and a Denon DJ employee responded

“We have plans to integrate the two devices in a future release just so you are aware when you’re ready to purchase a product from the Prime Series.”

The assumption was that said integration would not need the helping hand via Serato.