Prime 2 Wishlist

I have had the prime 2 for almost a year now and I love it. However, these are the features I would like to be added. Most, if not all, of these features can be found on other DJ platforms, so I do not believe they aren’t possible on this unit.

  • [ ] Ability to type/tap in bpm of the song on controller
  • [ ] Ability to change the play order in prepare list
  • [ ] Option to reset all eq/ effects/ pitch upon load of new song
  • [ ] Option to Auto switch the headphone cue to song being loaded
  • [ ] Smart BPM match
  • [ ] Sampler
  • [ ] Preview later in the song that is currently playing

Steaming Services Wishlist

For streaming services I would like the experience to be the closer to what it is using music from your storage drive.

  • [ ] Beatsource Link (Not sure why it doesn’t have this already on the Prime 2)
  • [ ] Playlist Filters (BPM, Title, Artist, etc.)
  • [ ] Analyze songs without download to deck (For services like Tidal)
  • [ ] Add to prepare list (Preferably the same prepare list that is already present on the unit)
  • [ ] Song Preview

@jbooggie hello, there is a feature request area, you can search for requests and vote by liking the main request

If your request hasn’t been made already, you can also start a thread for it.


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