Prime 1.2 External Drive Issue

I have been using a 4TB external drive as my primary music library drive, or my master collection could be a better way to put it. I have everything there, and then I would use smaller USB3 Thumb Drives for my performances.

After updating to Engine 1.2, my 4TB external that used to appear as a regular system drive now shows up as an external drive in Prime. It also no longer shows my full library. I used to have the entire contents of the drive organized into corresponding Crates in Engine and now only a few show.

  1. I’m wondering if there is some way to force Engine to see my previous database on this drive.
  2. Is there a way to force Engine to not see a large external Drive as a performance media.
  3. If there was one update to this whole system that would make me a million times happier, it would be if my drive was synced and updated the way it would be using DJ software. I wouldn’t be having any of these problems if my carefully organized folder & files were just recognized in Engine, with their contents scanned and most importantly automatically or manually synced to add new tracks.


Hi @VVEPBrian To address your questions one by one…

1: We now more accurately differentiate which are internal drives and external drives in version 1.2. Since the databases are the same for both internal and performance media, you should be able to simply ignore the drive and use the internal collection as before, since all of the crates and playlists should show up there anyway.

2: We’re actively working on this. It’s clear that our end users want a clean differentiation between local and performance drives, and we’re working on a system for this currently.

3: This makes total sense, but there’s some room for interpretation on how this could/should be done. Is there a particular software that you think does this particularly well?

Thanks for your feedback Best, Paul

Hi @paul_denondj, thanks for the follow up. In response:

  1. My database no longer shows the crates I had built when this external drive is attached. Even when it worked as a local drive, when I started up Engine Prime I would always have to drag a song over from the Folder view to a crate, and when I did that all of of my organized crates would be recognized. I’ve tried that same trick with 1.2, but it doesn’t magically make all my crates appear again.

  2. I think that Virtual DJ does an excellent job at this, and since I still have to use Virtual DJ to automix my Cocktail Hour/Dinner music it just keeps drawing attention to the convenience it offers. I get a ton of music from Promo Only, as well as songs I purchase each week. With Virtual DJ I simply plug in the drive, and click the recurse button and all my new music shows up in both the folders and in searches. That’s what I want Engine to do - monitor whatever folder or drives I choose, and either automatically on load, or with the click of a “recurse” or “Sync” button, scan those folders or Drive for new files and update them. Then I can sync to my thumb drives.