Price Increase went into effect today


The price is back up to normal on the Prime Series players. Denon is about to make bank! :slight_smile: I for one am excited to see this product start taking over.


glad I jumped on the sale


They’re still on sale everywhere I can see.


I was looking at Zzounds. They do price match, so things are about to get interesting. :-p


Inmusic has extended the sale for two more weeks! Sooooooo right before NAMM! Ha! I think NAMM is gonna be very interesting! : )))))


Agree and i really hope we see a new update for the end of January


I have no idea if I should buy a second sc5000 now or wait to see what happens at the end of January…I also just saw that photo of a newly purchased Denon sc5000 with the Bluetooth sticker on it…not sure what that even really means, if anything at all. Existential Prime(al) angst.


Well they all have the Bluetooth chips already so I bet the firmware update announced (most likely) at NAMM will reveal more. :slight_smile:

But it would seem silly to wait. After Jan 15th the prices WILL go back up!

Heck I wish I could afford to buy a third - these prices are so good!


Someone needs to make a proper six channel DJ mixer (maybe even Denon since buying 3 players = 6 possible channels) - that isn’t the A&H Model 1.


Have you tried the Xone:96?


I was super super excited for it and was close to selling my nxs2 so i could get it but then realized the 2 extra channels aren’t actually full fledged ‘channels’ for line/phono inputs.


This is what the world really needs (6 channels + 2 individual cue modules).


They still have their low price in Europe.

This confirms even more for me that something is coming at NAMM.


You can use the MP2015 as a five channel.

I’m fine with three channels, I just need routing flexibility.


Not the same price …