Power Lead

Hi Guys ,

I want to get a spare power lead for the MC7000 , where is the best place to get one online .


What I did for my MCX8000 (it broke and couldn’t wait for the spare Denon was sending me) is look at the original one. It should have a product number or something on it. Google that and chances are you can find a local supplier that can get you this one or something similar.

Things to watch for:

  • Voltage - should be EXACTLY the same as the one you have
  • Amperage/Wattage - should be at LEAST the same. Higher is not a big problem, lower can be and should be avoided. Try staying close to the original wattage if possible
  • Polarity - is the pin + or - ? Especially on more universal units this can be an issue as the plugs can be swapped. So double-check before using.
  • Plug - clearly you need a plug that fits. Criteria here are outside diameter, inside diameter and (to a usually lesser degree) length of the plug (the metal part)

Hope that helps some. You can drop a picture of the label of the current power supply if you need more help.

Thanks for the reply , the plug I have has a 2 pin adapter so it’s quite bulky , is this normal in the UK ? I don’t mind ordering one from Denon as it’s a back up so I do have time to wait .