Popular or desperate?

I have seen recently the firmware changes to some primes for broadcast friendly service setting in menus on primes.

I have of course seen home bedroom DJs streaming from their room or their garage or their family room.

There are even some who are low enough to scroll donation links on their streaming screens. That’s just desperate really. Or am I wrong on thinking that?

I haven’t seen any home streamers ever be lucky to get past a few dozen watchings though. A rare handful get the low hundreds of two hundred viewer or close. Nothing high

Has anyone viewed a live from home broadcast since Corona pandemic started or before , where there was a worthwhile large number of viewers watching with you?

There have been plenty of Livestreams every week, and for those among us that don’t have the opportunity to play out at present…it’s a welcome release

I only average about 20 viewers per stream. However, I usually sell a couple tshirts, a couple tunes, and get twitch cheer bits every broadcast. Its up to an average $30-40 worth of income every stream now. Still not what I made playing out pre-pandemic, but it’s better than nothing right now.


I agree. Plus its playing music to a crowd, even if only small. I enjoy it, playing 2 shows in a month.

For me streaming is the worst part of DJ-ing, cut from all the other good stuff about it. The equivalent of standing next to the DJ booth and staring at what the DJ is doing and ignoring everything else.

Broadcast mode is not only for broadcasting but good for making videos also.

You can make tutorials.

I think the average attention span for a livestream viewer is like 15mins. And there’s nothing wrong with brand badging sponsorship and receiving tips.

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Slay coming strong with the heat :grinning:

I’ve been streaming on a co-op channel, but Twitch shut it down.

Started streaming on my own channel last weekend and had 100% increase in my viewership over 2 streams…from 1 person watching to 2…ha ha ha.

Foremost i love DJing and rinsing tunes…even if i wasnt streaming i will be jamming…so why not start OBS whilst I’m at it.

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In my opinion you’re wrong to think that a scrolling donation link is desperate. These are difficult times and if people are willing to send a dollar so DJs can eat, why not.

How do you view GoFundMe pages? As desperate as well?

How would you fix it so people would get money to support their lives and family?

It seems like you view live streams like most people do. If they don’t get big numbers it’s useless. But live streaming is more than that. It’s being out there for others to see. A DJ might have a specific genre they love and share it that others can discover, which wasn’t possible BC (before COVID) as promoters and club owners didn’t want that.

Some do live stream because that is their form of therapy as they deal with the challenges COVID has brought.

There have been a handful of DJs that got 10-15k current viewers, but guess what, those are EDM djs with a very large following on social media. At they already have a certain reputation.

Not everybody sits in front of the TV and watches. I for example leave the music on in the background. I also avoid streams with a ridiculous amount of visual effects, if I do sit down for 10-15 to watch it.

The DJs I follow average 150-300. And some are able to bring in 200-500 per stream thanks to subscriptions and bits. Because you only need a core of 100 ppl that is able to give you $20 a month for a decent monthly income. And that is what most have, regulars coming in. They’re friends and community supporting them.

DJ Marky is one dope DJ and I always look forward to his D&B sets. But I would never be able to see him live unless he tours. With the restrictions I’m allowed to enjoy his mixes. Same goes for Skratch Bastid, Jazzy Jeff among others. Skratch Bastid actually educates you about the music he plays during his mixes.


First of all, I would like to give a big thumbs up for what VesNL wrote.

These are desparate times and require desparate measures, for some it about survival. Do what you must to stay afloat, definitely better that organizing illegal parties to earn money.


For a lot it kinda costs a bit to set up for live streaming also. Though it’s getting cheaper now.

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