POP-UP Request for Duplicates added

Hi Team,

Can you please add an extra pop-up into the Engine Prime software. At this moment you can add the same music file multiple times into the Engine Prime (without notice).

Can you please make a pop-up like this:

rekordbox duplicates added

Would be really helpfull.

f.e. a folder on your computer named “wedding songs”. This holds 30 of your wedding songs. You also have a playlist in engine with same name and those 30 songs. When adding 20 songs to that folder. The folder contains 50 songs. drag-drop the 50 songs to the playlist an you have 30 double songs. Nobody wants this.

With a pop-up like this you can click skip and only the new songs are added to your playlist. Works great in rekordbox… I know the denon team can do this also.

note: With this pop-up request also a “find duplicates” function in Engine Prime.

THANKS in advance!!


This is a fantastic idea!

I check for duplicates in a playlist by sorting the playlist into song title order. If the same track is there twice or three times, then it’s instantly easy to spot duplication that way.

Getting the playlist back into your original running order., not always so easy. Depending on when you add tracks and when you choose the order of the tracks

  1. This hasn’t been my experience, but i will check again.

  2. Just to be clear, you saying if i have a folder of tracks in my music folder, that if i drag the folder multiple times to EP, my EP collection will have duplicates?

If you use crates this does not happen.

Playlist is a list of how you intend to play a set (you may be planning to play a track 3 times during an event), whereas Crate is just like a bag of records (same record cant be added again if its already in the bag)

I just tested and you cant add a track multiple times to engine prime collection, or engine prime crate.

Yes you can add the same track multiple times to engine prime playlist.

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Thanks for your reply. That is how I do it now. There’s a catch…

F.E. I have a folder (on my computer) named “disco 90s” it holds 200 songs. In Prime I have a playlist also names disco 90s. When I put 20 songs extra to the folder they are spread out all over the folder. To put them in the Prime playlist, the easiest way is to drag the whole folder to the playlist. 3 seconds work. To find the duplicates by hand is a lot of work. Mistakes are made easily.

Use crates not playlists. You will not have duplicates.

I have to find out more about the difference between crates and playlists. @backtothemanual

Based on the workflow that you are describing, you are better off using Crates.

Crates are like Playlists but without duplicate entries ie same track been added to the list multiple times

Just tested the crates. Is there a trick to convert playlists into crates?

Drag and drop didn’t work.

You create an empty playlist, give it a name, then go to the crate, highlight all the tracks (or do CTRL + A), then drag all the highlighted tracks and drop them into the empty playlist you created earlier.

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That’s the long way… I was hoping for a quick way. But I’m affraid there isn’t…


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+1 for this feature- very helpful