Please Smart Crates and own Tagging options

A Friend showed me again some really nice Features in Recordbox. PLEASE Realise some of them in the engine Prime aswell. My most wishes are:

SMART CRATES (like smart playlists). With the possibility to create own taggings (which are then shown in the Prime Players, too) and sorting and creating Crates by selecting my own tagging-options. This ist very very amazing in Recordbox and should be in EnginePrime! MAny Recordbox-Users are these just because of this Feature… MUST HAVE PLEASE!!

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Please take advantage of the Feature-request section on the forum.

(Remember to do a search and see if these things already are requestet - if so, give them a Heart/ Like)


Request will not be noticed as much if they just are made as a normal post.

Best regards Engell

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They’ve answered to me a lot of times that smart crates is not a priority for Denon and the feature will not coming up with next update because they are not ready and it requires a lot of time to develope it… But now, they will see many users are asking for that.

And the more people that suggests a feature (Like´s a already made feature-request) the bigger the chance is that they will implement those things.

But this is also the reason that people needs to start using the Forum the correct way, and not just create a normal post.

Do a search, see if someone already requested the feature you would like - if so, give it a Heart/ a Like, or if its not created already, make a Feature-request.

If the requests are scattered all over the forum as normal posts or as several individual requests, they just dont get the right attention. (3 Likes in one, 10 in another and 5 in a 3rd… Better to have 18 Like in 1 feature-request)

I´m not a part of the Denon crew nor a moderator- actually if you used the forum in the correct way, you would see some posts from me 2 and 3 years ago where I am VERY mad at Denon. But they have improved very much, so instead of going against them, I started to contribute in a positive way.

This way we all can make a difference, and help improving the Prime eco-system.

Right now I actually sit and wait for the COD update with Battlepass 4 that should arrive today, while doing my dayjob :joy:


Instead of throwing all their toys out the stroller and thinking that insults will change any R&D or marketing teams mind on priority features rather than any nice-to-haves



I think that both you and I found out that insults doesnt get us anywhere :smiley:

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And someone else might find that out too, eventually.


I hinted enough to him, I don’t think he’s emotionally intelligent enough (yet) to recognise the need to change.

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Naaa, let’s give him a chance to grow up… people can change for better if direct in a right way :wink:


Wise words sensei


I’m yet to see any proof that those who are insulting everyone else actually own anything Prime except for the free Engine Prime.

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The fact that it is free does not have to be an excuse. Paying for a professional product doesn’t have to be a problem.

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