PLEASE HELP I don't know where else to turn

I want to start by saying i’m sorry for bringing customer service stuff here, but I literally have no where else to turn. I bought two SC5000 and an X1800 in September. I’ve been loving them!! A few months ago the signal would stop coming out of channel 2 and 3 on my X1800. I tried changing the cables and speakers but alas my brand new board is malfunctioning. Ive seen others have had similar problems. To make matters worse. One of my SC5000 units is powering down constantly. Again, I’ve tried new cable and outlets, I have video of it misbehaving.

Ive left a warranty request with Denon at the start of the new year. I never got any help but received a “how was our service” email? Nothing was in my spam folder. I then called Denon 5 times!! Every time you call, you wait 15-20 minutes, it rings, then hangs up on you. The one time I got through to a human it was to tell me they were busy, they got my number but never called back… Ive messaged their facebook and instagram accounts, I even tried messaging Laidback Luke! I’m that desperate! I can’t use my gear!!! I just bought it!!! Not to mention I was one of the unfortunate souls who purchased the gear right before the MASSIVE price drop. So now the resale value is ■■■■, but that’s beside the point, thats just unlucky for me Boohoo.

I love this kit , but for GOD SAKES SOMEONE HELP ME DENON!!! It took forever to save $5600 for these stupid things that don’t work with no way to fix them!!


Have you contacted the retailer you bought them from.

Thats who i will be talking to and not Denon.

I ve had a player replaced, i sent it to the shop i bought it from. It was sent back to Denon by the shop. A new one was sent by Denon to the shop.

Took about 4 days in the UK.


I do wonder about the validity of these posts where someone’s joined a group just to lay out a story which I would have difficulty not agreeing with those who said they found it hard to believe.

Hello @morningfatty (interesting name choice) Please submit a support request via our website: Please do not contact Laidback Luke for sure! He does not work for our technical department. Or visit the store you purchased the units from as they maybe faulty.

I had one issue with one of my sc5000s and Denon pretty much bent over backwards to help and get me a new one. Just for the record. :slight_smile:


The turn around i got on one funny unit was so quick i didnt even bother to post on the forum about the issue…no waiting for “our technian to open it up” bit. :sunglasses:

Indeed. I even would go as far as stolen goods if someone does not have a first instinct to go to the reseller…


I bought them from Guitar Center online. Their warranty only last 40 days. They told me to contact Denon. This issue has since been resolved, shortly after making a post on this forum. Denon is even upgrading me to the SC5000M. I will be removing this post soon. It doesn’t take away that it took them a month. But they did make it right and I still do love Denon gear.

Okay. Good to hear. Don’t delete these posts for info to others.

40 days warranty; is that even legal?

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I thought it’s maybe the only length of warranty the store offer on demo display goods

Glad you got sorted

Thank you Chloe, MorningFatty is my company name, My name is John… Both Mark and Jude from Denon have taken care of me at this point. To be clear, I didn’t come to this forum to cause drama and get everyone riled up. I had sent a request in at the start of January, called 5 times, messaged the facebook and instagram. I even had a case number but it was never looked into. Every time someone on the phone would say “we’ll have someone contact you back right away”, but they never did. This went on for an entire month. But It’s since been resolved, I still Love Denon and Im sorry for the fuss. It just sucked not being able to play with my expensive new toys for over month!! All good, life goes on :slight_smile: